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The role of beverages in meetings & events

At events the focus isn’t just on the food (as well as the obvious reason for the event), drinks are equally as important for attendees to stay well-nourished.

Whether it be that early morning caffeine boost or an alcoholic beverage, drinks are a vital part of any meeting or event yet seem to be the easiest element to neglect.

In this blog we will discuss all things drinks!


Let’s start with the basics – water. At every meeting or event, having water available throughout is essential to keep attendees hydrated and alert.

As humans, if our basic needs aren’t met (water, food, warmth) it is incredibly hard to concentrate on the things that require more brain power.

Dehydration can lead to fatigue so always ensure there is a frequent flow for your attendees.

For the less formal events, water is still a necessity – especially if alcohol is also on offer to prevent people getting too overly excited with the wine!


What about hot drinks? Tea and coffee bring focus to meetings and corporate events as caffeine releases positive endorphins into the body.

Coffee breaks allow attendees a few minutes to relax and clear their minds before continuing; plus, they offer the chance for people to connect over a brew!

With numerous studies suggesting that coffee increases productivity, it almost seems a no-brainer having it on offer at meetings, training days, seminars, and conferences.


Moving on to booze… Drinks can help brand and define your event or meeting. Hosting a celebratory event or product launch? A glass of fizz!

Looking for something a bit more bespoke? Personalised cocktails are an effective branding method – why not have coloured drinks to match your company logo!


Always consider your budget when it comes to alcohol. If you have a bit more to spend why not go all out and book in a mobile bar for your event? They appear tidier and more professional and will save you the hassle of glassware hire, sourcing a fridge to keep drinks cool, and managing serving staff.

Using professional companies to help with your alcohol requirements is important as they will already have the correct alcohol licences needed to serve liquor at your event which will save you the hassle of applying for a temporary event notice.


Drink catering with R&V

At R&V we have a fully licenced mobile bar with a bar package including 2 members of staff, a fridge to keep drinks cool, bar equipment and glassware. This is perfect for parties of up to 75 people. We have a drinks list including wine, beer, cocktails, some exciting non-alcoholic options, and spirits available on request.

If you don’t require a mobile bar and would just like to order alcohol from us, hire glassware, or source serving staff, we can also assist with this.


We also work with the incredible Jonny Cocktail for larger events who also have a similar mobile bar but made to serve more people.

Jonny and his team can also offer cocktail masterclasses, to add that fun, interactive side to your event.


Another amazing partnership we have is with Club Vino, a superb independent company offering private wine tasting and food pairing.


Elements to consider when organising drinks for a meeting or event:

  • Numbers – if possible, try to get an accurate number of attendees so food and drink can be prepared accordingly.
  • Be mindful about the space – the venue area allocated for your meeting or events is a big determiner of what services you can book. If you have a small space, booking in a mobile bar might not work.
  • Event theme – think about the style of meeting or event you are hosting. When planning a conference, it might not be the best idea to serve alcohol throughout the day if you want your attendees to stay alert! Opt for soft drinks, water and, of course, tea or coffee instead. For events after working hours, alcohol is a great way to let attendees relax and socialise!
  • Staff – do you need to hire staff to help serve the drinks or can your internal staff help out/ allow attendees to pour their own?
  • Make non-drinkers feel included – if you are serving alcohol, always make sure to include some exciting non-alcoholic beverages too (such as mocktails)
  • Get creative! Move away from the norm and introduce a drinks cart into your event, or let attendees get interactive with a cocktail masterclass! If you would like to liven up a breakfast seminar, why not have mimosas available. Or if you would like to keep it alcohol-free there is always the option to add a bit of fun with a coffee bike/ cart.
  • If you have a free bar, make sure there is also food available to line stomachs!


We hope these beverage management tips have inspired you…

If you are interested in any of the above services that we would offer and would like more information or a bespoke quote – please get in touch today.

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