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Our producers

At Robert & Victor, transparency is key ! Our mission is to gather amazing ingredients to create something unique through the help of our fantastic producers. We work closely with passionate artisans who want to bring the best for each product. Please, meet a few of them :

François Deremiens

Belgian Chocolate Confectionner

François Deremiens is a Belgian Master Chocolate Confectioner.

Ever since he opened his first workshop in 2005 in the south of Belgium, the love of the product is the heart of the work for the small dozen of people around the young chef.
Today, Deremiens’ chocolates are present in Belgium, but also in Japan, Emirates, Switzerland, France, United States, etc. In 2015 he opened his first franchise in Paris.
In 2016, the Gault & Millau rewards him within the 10 best chocolatier and the 10 best pastry chef in Belgium.

In Europe, only a few people make their own chocolate (Bean-to-Bar) and François is one of them. The greatest thing about making your own chocolate is the fact that you work directly with small producers and therefore, you can find the most amazing beans and create something really unique.

Limini Coffee

Coffee lover

Limini Coffee is a small family run business managed by husband and wife, Youri and Samantha.

They started Limini Coffee in March 2008 and they are passionate about speciality coffee.

We work exclusively with Arabica as we believe this coffee produces a much more delicious cup of coffee. Our coffee is ethically sources and roasted in Yorkshire.

At Robert & Victor, we have decided to work with a blend of the finest Arabica speciality beans sourced from coffee farms In Brazil, Costa Rica and Indonesia.

A sweet and complex blend with a rounded and velvety body, resulting in a vibrant espresso with berry and stone fruit aromas. As milk bases coffee, our blend is smooth and mellow with sweet vanilla and milk chocolate flavours.

Sirop de Liège

Syrup producer

300 years ago, the family Nyssen started to make syrup. Indeed, it’s now the 12th generation which have followed the tradition of the family.

The syrup is a genuine product invented by the farmers of south Belgium who were harvesting too much fruit about 400 years ago.

This pure and natural homemade syrup, made of only apples and pears, is from the city of Aubel in Belgium and made with love by the last generations of the family. This product works really well on bread, in a meal or with cheese.

Bisous - Bisous

French patisserie

Alex Moreau and Kirsty McAlpine opened their first French patisserie in the Manchester suburb of Didsbury, in 2014.

Bisous Bisous stems from a love of good food and a passion for baking.

Their philosophy lies in preserving the art of French pastry ; providing a truly authentic product made the traditional way, by hand.

The quality they provide is recognized by many people and they received the OFM Awards 2017: Best Producer in the UK.

Loving Foods

Specialise in organic, raw, fermented, food and drink

Loving Foods was started in 2006 by brother and sister, Mendel and Faye who were quickly joined by Faye’s husband, Adam. Mendel is a qualified nutritional therapist with a natural interest in healthy food; Faye acquired her healthy interest in natural food the hard way: as a sufferer of chronic IBS.

Mendel helped his sister - naturally - and her subsequent lifestyle and diet changes transformed her health in general, and her IBS in particular. As their interest in and advocacy of fermented health grew, Mendel started to prepare his own fermented food which Faye would evangelise to her family and friends.

Loving Foods was a natural progression. Born out of need and fueled by enthusiasm, they are now driven by a lasting ambition: better well-being for everyone.

Lovingly Artisan

Artisan sourdough bakery

Long before sourdough became fashionable, it was an essential aspect of the way I lead my life as a baker. The disciplines of blending varied flours in a quest for the perfect combination is my perpetual motivation as an artisan; just as a barista blends beans in their quest for the perfect coffee.

It’s all about blending our flours boldly with impact, flavour and taste in mind. Each sourdough loaf has it’s own unique characteristics; appearance, aroma, flavour and structure. The consumer has woken up to what’s important to them; exceptional foods with unquestionable origin, taste and heritage - Aidan Monks.


My grandfathers

Robert & Victor

Robert & Victor were my grandfather’s names. They were both farmers in Belgium and both worked really hard to create the best possible products for their families and their customers and that’s what I want to do, too.

We also have ‘Retour à l’essentiel’ in our logo, which means ‘back to basics’. By that we mean : no additives, flavour enhancers or preservatives, just as it was when my grandfathers were producing food.

My grandfather (Robert) and I ready to do some hard work.

From left to right: Jules (my great grandfather) and his 4 children: Isabelle, Anne-Marie, Victor (my grandfather) and Elia. 

I wanted to find a name which would reflect my Belgian heritage but also one which could show the values of the brand I wanted to create. I am so passionate about nature, real farming and understand people’s needs when it comes to food. It was therefore really important for me to have a name which brought together all those things.

After a few a weeks of reflecting on my new brand, the perfect name came to me : R & V for Robert & Victor. I hope you enjoy our food.

Our values

Because we all need to have a good reason to work every day, our values are really important to us.
Here come our 3 main ones :


We want to bring you the best food and nothing else. Because nature is full of amazing flavours, we have created innovative recipes where you can taste the quality of every ingredient in each bite. Our shop design enables you to switch off and relax while having a great meal.


At Robert & Victor, we know what we eat. Because we are proud of the food we sell and the suppliers we work with, we always let you know as much as possible about the sourcing of our food. In our shop you’ll see a panel with a different story about one of our suppliers every week. There will also be stories about our suppliers on this website. If you want to know more about any of our food or our suppliers please just ask one of our friendly members of staff.

Natural food

It should go without saying that we use only natural food. But just so you can be confident that you are getting the best natural ingredients, we built a kitchen in our shop. This enables us to prepare tasty and fresh food without using any additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers. Our food is not only really tasty, but it’s really good for you.

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