My Grandfathers

Robert & Victor

Our Values


We want to bring you the best food and nothing else. Nature is full of flavour, and our innovative recipes are made to bring you all of the flavour of simple, natural food in every single bite.


At Robert & Victor, we like to know exactly what we’re eating. Because we’re proud of the food we sell and the suppliers we work with, we’ll tell you all you need to know about the sourcing of our food. Everything is procured as locally as possible, using tons of great ingredients from farms in Cheshire and Lancashire.


We believe food is the best way to reconnect people with nature. Our goal is to use only natural ingredients, prepared fresh in our kitchen each morning without any unnatural additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers.

Our Producers

Every egg we cook comes from the free-roaming hens on Freshfields Farm in Cheshire, less than 35 miles from our Oxford Street store, where high standards of welfare and a balanced, vegetarian diet give us a perfect yellow yolk every time.

The Hunter family has lovingly grown the carrots we use in our soup and sandwiches on Blackgate Lane Farm in Lancashire for four generations.

The Unsworth brothers in Salford locally source only the finest Cheshire legs of pork to roast for our premium ham.

Each ciabatta, French baguette and pastry is handcrafted with passion at the amazing La Chouquette in Didsbury..

The flours in our sourdough are milled from heritage grains, organically grown and traditionally stone ground on the site of an ancient Roman fort by the Gilchester family, just two miles north of Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland.

The crisp, crunchy leaves in our salads and sandwiches are grown by Roy Halman, the fourth of five generations of his family working on the 123-year-old Woodland Farm in Cheshire.