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Looking for canapes catering? We’re a dedicated team with an ambition to deliver excellent food and customer service in Manchester.

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We work with a variety of Manchester businesses across multiple industries to provide reliable, high quality event catering.

More about our canapes catering services

Robert & Victor’s finest

Robert & Victor is a small team of dedicated foodies, trying to make a big change to how Manchester eats lunch. We provide delicious and nutritious foods for our customers that are full of flavour and heart. Our continuous goal is to use only natural ingredients that are prepared fresh every day in our kitchen.

We’re proud of the food we sell and the clients we have gained since opening. We work with various businesses across Manchester to provide high-quality event catering. Each event we’ve supplied has been tailored to meet their demanding requirements, and without fault – we have always exceeded expectations.

What types of events we cater for

We’ve been fortunate enough to supply many events across Manchester, and we continue to do so due to many factors. Firstly, organisation is key to sustaining a successful event as the aim is to deliver a smoothly-run service for customers. At Robert & Victor, we embody this quality which means that the food service will run quickly and efficiently.

A typical standard you will expect from us is our communication skills will be thorough so that nothing is missed. Attention to detail is key, and our attentive staff are at hand to ensure that all of the basics are covered – such as allergy considerations and any special requests to ensure that everything flows smoothly on the night.

Our wonderful canapes

Are you eager for your event to have multiple food options before the main course? Then what you need are Robert & Victor canapes. We have a huge range of canapes on offer that are filled with unique and delicious flavours. This includes chorizo, chicken liver pate, beef burrito mini bowls, mini cheesecake and much more.

These are the ideal starters to have before the main meal or something to keep your stomach lined. The variety of flavour in our canapes will help set the mood for an exotic meal and will leave you wanting more. They’re also easy to eat and are visually eye-catching – our presentation will wow your guests!

How to get in touch

Delivering excellent food service is key to a successful event, and we have the credentials to back this claim! If you would like to book a unique event catering experience with us and would like to find out more information – get in touch with the team today!