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Reliable Office Lunch Deliveries

Sandwich Platter

Ordering office lunches is a vital element when trying to impress clients or boost staff morale.  However, getting it right can be tricky.

Your workplace might not have the facilities or budget for onsite catering services.  This means that you may end up resorting to deliveries from local takeaways or the local cafe that somebody in accounts went to once and thought “seemed okay”.

Deciding things at the last moment can mean poor quality food, missing items and cold or tepid food.  That’s not going to excite anyone.  Delivered-in catering is the perfect answer to this and a reliable local caterer can be a blessing when it comes to arranging food.

Don’t worry, as business lunch and office catering experts, we’re here to help guide you through things to help you organise the perfect office lunch delivery.


Why order office lunches?

Did you know that almost half of UK workers (48%) eat their lunch alone?  Providing a tasty lunch can get the team together and help strengthen the communication and relationships within your team as well as boosting morale.  That’s why companies like Google encourage eating as a team.

Ordering food is also a great way to reward staff for great work and thank them for a job well done. With more people working from home, it’s also a great way to entice people in from working at home.

Catering for business meetings

If you have an important meeting with a client, investor or board meeting, we have a range of sandwich platters and canapes that will certainly impress.

If you are ordering catering for a client meeting, why not push the boat out and add on some canapes to serve alongside your buffet lunch? Mini quiche, chicken skewers, and mixed gyozas are great examples of side canapes that people will love.

Ordering a delivered lunch from a trusted caterer (rather than playing Just Eat roulette) can eliminate many stresses such as quantity, quality and allergens and dietary requirements. Timing is also crucial and we’ll deliver your food on time, and your order will be perfect.

Our attention to detail and dedication to customer service as a corporate catering company will surpass that of a takeaway or one of the big name sandwich chains.

Office Lunch

What to order for office lunches?

Fast food options can seem easy on the surface, but taking some time to discuss options with a caterer can mean you get a well rounded meal for your team.  Offering healthy, nutritious food rather than vending machine snacks or fast food can provide an energy burst in the afternoon and help increase concentration levels.

A typical go-to for office lunches is the classic sandwich – Everyone loves a great butty!  A mixed sandwich platter can offer something for everybody and good caterers can provide vegan, gluten free and vegetarian options.

What to look for in a corporate caterer?

Quality is key so look on Google Reviews and Trustpilot and see what their customers think.  Equally important is the food hygiene rating which you can easily look up too.

Check their adherence for allergens and dietary requirements to makes sure there is something for everybody and that the catering provider can be flexible with their delivery times and accommodate any last-minute changes.

When your food is delivered it should be the perfect temperature and made fresh on the day of delivery. Pre-made sandwiches, buffets and canapes just aren’t going to be the same.

At R&V we can help you seamlessly organise your office lunch to suit dietary requirements and preferences. We use local suppliers, our packaging is always eco-friendly, and our food deliveries always reliable. With lots of menu options from mini ciabatta platters to buffet lunches look no further than us for your next delivered catering!

Get in touch to find out more.

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