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Buffet Catering

Buffet catering is becoming more and more popular for meetings and events, so the team at R&V have put together a little list to help you on your way to creating a perfect spread for your attendees!


Menu variety is key

As classic and reliable as the staple sandwich can be, try and include a range of dishes within your buffet for attendees to choose from. Pasta salads, sandwich platters, chicken skewers, good old sausage rolls, and a variety of desserts always make for a well-received spread!

Be sure to cater for different dietary requirements and preferences so no one is left out and make sure everything is fully labelled.


The power of appearance

As the saying goes “you eat with your eyes” so be sure to include food options that look visually enticing – no one likes a beige buffet!

Create a colourful spread with vibrant salads, bright & tasty desserts, and eye-catching side dishes, with decorative garnishes like fresh herbs. Include items in a variety of sizes and textures to keep the buffet looking interesting, not samey-samey!


The importance of presentation

Use a range of serving platters, trays, slates, different bowl sizes, and even cake stands to display your food and make it look more appealing.

Consider the layout of your buffet dishes – or pay a professional to set it out for you!


Know your audience

If your attendees are likely to be stood up or networking then you are slightly more limited with your food choices – avoid items that require cutlery and opt for more bite-sized food, skewered sides or small sandwiches.

Also consider the time that your event or meeting will fall and base this around the amount of food you prepare/ order.


Scrumptious sweets

Round off an amazing meal with a delicious dessert. Bite-sized options will allow guests to try a few different tasty treats without feeling overwhelmed. Mini-cheesecakes, cake bites, macarons and mini pastries are all perfect options.

Branded cupcakes are another great way of adding that extra touch to your event.



At R&V we have several buffet options that we have put together, but why not get creative and design your own spread using items from our various menus such as canapes, bowl food, sharing platters and sides!

Our talented staff are more than happy to come along and beautifully set-out your buffet for you. We can also provide a range of lovely serving platters to add that extra aesthetic touch.

Get in touch here for more information or to book!

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