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Winner of Manchester’s Best Corporate Catering Business

Northern Enterprise Awards

We are delighted to share the news that R&V has been named as the best corporate catering business in Manchester by Northern Enterprise Awards!

“The Northern Enterprise Awards celebrates the industriousness and the dedication of the businesses and enterprises hailing from the north of England. With a dominant offering in the service sector, manufacturing and a flourishing SME and business start-up environment, businesses in the north are clearly worthy of commendation and recognition.”

Northern Enterprise Awards

The awards are judged by an in-house research team who use information available online and in the public domain to determine what businesses they believe are succeeding and growing in their industry.


The importance of corporate catering

Whether it be a staff lunch, a business meeting, or a large corporate event, attendees all deserve amazing, fresh food.

Excellent catering is pivotal in satisfying important clients, but it is also a great way to show gratitude to your hard-working employees.

At R&V we believe that food is a great way to connect people, we want to change the way lunches, meetings and events are catered for with simply, quality food.

When choosing a caterer, as well as great taste and appearance, food safety and hygiene are equally as important for your staff and clients. If you carefully pick a reputable caterer, you can relax knowing that these issues have been considered to a highest of standards.

Robert & Victor have a 5* food hygiene rating and we always go above and beyond to ensure the safety of our customers.

Catering is one of the most important components of a successful corporate event or meeting. Getting this part spot on helps engage attendees and give them something to remember.

food catering Robert & Victor


How to produce excellent corporate catering

There are many aspects to providing great catering, including both the service and the actual food and packaging.

With the world becoming more and more aware of the environmental impact we have, sourcing food locally and eco-friendly packaging is a must. There are excellent plastic-free alternatives for packaging food on offer including bamboo cutlery, palm leaf bowls and Bagasse (sugarcane pulp) containers.

Using fresh produce in is also key to obtaining repeat clients! At R&V we take pride in using fresh ingredients in our menu items, sourced from local suppliers and cooked each day, without using any unnatural preservatives or flavourings.

Human contact is always important! Despite the ease of ordering online, many people still want to speak to an actual human for recommendations, discussing dietary requirements and so on, meaning having this option available is a must.

Understanding the temperamental nature of meetings and events is essential for catering companies, as clients will typically need last minute orders or changes from time to time – flexibility is vital.

With flexibility in taking orders, also comes punctuality when delivering them! Whether caterers have their own delivery service or use external couriers, being on time (or early) is vital, and at R&V we try to maintain this with every order.

Despite the obvious (excellent food) all the above factors come into play when providing top corporate catering. Please get in touch with our team at R&V for more information or to order!

food catering appetisers by Robert & Victor


What the award means to us

Receiving this special award from Northern Enterprise means so much to our team who work hard every day to provide an (almost!) perfect service.

We hope to continue to improve, grow and succeed within the industry that we love.

Please check out our award listing here: R&V Award

To see the full directory of awardees you can follow this link: Directory of Awardees

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog expressing our gratitude for receiving such an amazing award, and a few tips on how to excel in corporate catering!

If you think we missed anything, get in touch to tell us your thoughts.

Alternatively, if you’re seeking a bespoke quote for our catering services, please Contact us.

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