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Introducing our canape catering menu

Robert & Victor canapes at an event

If you’re looking to host an event and would like to offer the best food possible, we highly encourage you to consider choosing canapes. This tasty delicacy is very popular to have at an event due to its wide variety of flavours. 

At Robert & Victor, we are proud to showcase our canapes catering menu. It’s full of surprising flavours and will bring you back wanting to try more. 

What are canapes?

A canape is a small, easy to eat food that is made up of four layers. The base is usually a small piece of bread or pastry that has numerous toppings. Next, you will have a tasty spread such as butter or cream cheese. Adding a moist texture to the canapes elevates the food from dry and bland to succulent. After the spread has been added, the main topping will be added and this could be anything you want. 

At Robert & Victor, we have a variety of toppings for canapes such as chorizo, salmon, coronation chicken, macaron plus much more! We thrive on getting creative with canapes as we are eager to test, try and combine different flavours together to create a whole new food experience. The final layer of a canape is the garnish, and you can be as extravagant or as simple as you like. 

Due to its small size and versatility, this gives a chef a great opportunity to get creative with a canape and focus on the finer details, as guests at an event tend to choose servings that look the best. They’re very flexible to work with and depending on the budget you could go above and beyond, and add smaller details that transform the canape into a luxury item.

Typically, this food is served before dinner or as a simple ‘bite-to-eat’ at an event with a fancy cocktail to match. The canapes will either be presented on a buffet table or a server will carry a tray and offer them. 

salmon canapes for event catering

Why choose to cater your event with canapes?

There are numerous benefits to having canapes at your event, and it’s not just to help line your stomach before drinking! A canape is full of flavour, yes, but deep down in its structure, they contain many healthy nutrients our body needs. Typically, they’re low in saturated fats which makes them a much healthier alternative to over-processed buffet food.

They’re full of protein, fibre and vitamins which are essential to the human body. These three components in themselves should sell the canape as it’s healthy for you and not greasy like some options out there. Another great selling point for a canape at an event is they’re visually attractive but can also be simple or complex.

Some people at events appreciate the simple presentations more as they can identify what they are eating, and others like to see extravagant foods. Either way, your audience will be more than happy with a variety of options to choose from. Canapes may appear to be a small offering at an event but it’s actually a great talking point for the guests.

If the food is nice then it gets talked about, which can also be a good ice breaker for guests who don’t know each other to start a conversation!

waiter offering canapes at Robert & Victor event

Our different canape options

The beauty of canapes is the different options you can choose from. Too often chefs keep it boring and simple which doesn’t look good to a customer. Here at Robert & Victor, we are fortunate to have an exciting and creative team which dives straight into the unknown to combine different flavours that will work together with each other. 

Our chefs have created many canapes concepts which work well, and we bring in the entire team to offer their suggestions if they think any ingredient is missing or what works well and what doesn’t. The team is full of foodies, so we know our stuff! The options we have range from healthy savoury bites to delicious desserts, all the while being adaptable to suit vegan or halal requirements.  

With our savoury options, you could choose from a chicken liver pate with cranberry sauce cracker, an Italian pasta salad mini bowl plus much more! Everybody loves good dessert canapes and we are no exception. We have on offer a mini cheesecake, manchester blondie brownie bite, chocolate ginger crunch bite and a macaron with fresh fruit. This helps cleanse the palate so you’re not left feeling bloated and not able to move!  

Pate canapés

How to order canapes for your event/office lunch

Are you interested in tasting some of our delicious canapes for your event or office lunch? We have you covered. As an established Manchester office and event caterer, we pride ourselves on offering top-level catered food with a five-star service. We deliver to offices throughout Greater Manchester with no minimum order requirements, and we can cater for large groups of people.

If you’re ordering canapes for an event and you would like to sample our food before placing an order, we can do this too. We will deliver the samples straight to your doorstep, and if you’re happy then we can proceed to create more for your event. By simply getting in touch with us today, one of the team will be at hand to start the process of your canapes order without any hassle or stress. 

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