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An insight into the office catering services at Robert & Victor

Halal Office Catering Manchester

At R&V, we pride ourselves in catering to your every need (and dietary requirement), no matter what size your organisation is.

You may scroll through our social feeds or flick through our website with your mouth watering and wonder what excuse you can give your boss to use our services. Well. we’re here for you!  

Below are our top four reasons to call on us to help you with your corporate food catering requirements.

Team Building Days

Remember times where we’d come together for team building days? We’d pull each other through the highs and lows and knuckle down to have a think how we could deal with situations better?

A lot of team building days also consist of celebration. With celebration, comes delicious food (and booze). 

Instead of rushing around and stressing about how you’re going to get the whole team to a restaurant, why not bring restaurant quality to you? Corporate catering is an excellent alternative to restaurant dining – where often the ambiance can be a little too loud for the whole team to chat.

A full day’s activities can be finished off with an office feast, courtesy of yours truly.

Board Meeting Catering

We all know the feeling…the dreaded quarterly board meeting. How can you make it better? Easy – snacks! 

We’ve been catering in offices for a while now, and we know how to keep brains energised and ears engaged.

Board meetings are an important part of business life, especially when there are important decisions to be made. Let us take the stress away from forgetting to run to the local supermarket for sandwiches and snacks. We are a business lunch caterer that are pleased to deliver right to your door – always with a smile and always on time.

Not only do we offer delicious canapes, nibbles and sandwiches, we also deliver desserts, salads and the all-important caffeinated drinks (essential for all board meetings).

Corporate Event Catering

Our event catering service is our bread and butter. It delivers all of your business’s catering needs in one easy package.

If you’re planning a conference, a workshop, a training event, or anything else, we are experts in business catering with a wide variety of requirements.

With dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan options the norm on our menu, there aren’t many dietary requirements that are thrown at us that we can’t cater for.

If you’re looking for corporate catering services that suit everyone at your corporate event, then look no further.

Breakfast Catering

The most important meal of the day! Don’t take our word for it…for a long time, dietary experts have shared the importance of the first meal of the day. It provides your body with the sustenance and energy required to face whatever the day throws at you.

We provide breakfast catering in-office for businesses across Manchester, no matter how early it’s required.

Our assortment of fresh fruit and pastries are always a hit, as are our yoghurt and granola pots. We provide a healthier breakfast alternative alongside coffee, tea and fresh juices to get your attendees off to the best start.

The R&V promise

We’re a small, dedicated team of foodies who have been heavily inspired by French and Belgian cuisine. 

There are three key pillars to all our corporate catering is:

  • Pleasure – we want to bring you the best food we can
  • Authenticity – we like to know exactly what we’re eating, so we tell you exactly where our food is sources, so you know too
  • Natural Food – our goal is to use only natural ingredients, prepared freshly each morning for maximum satisfaction

If you’re looking for corporate food catering, give us a call. We’re always happy to cater to your exact needs and build a menu around you.

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