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How To Choose a Caterer For an Event

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If you’re looking to host an event and make it the best it can possibly be, you need to have a hard think about who you want your caterer to be. If the caterer isn’t up to a high standard then the whole night could be disastrous. So, by picking the right caterer you can be assured the event will run smoothly.

When it comes to choosing the right caterer for your event, here are some of the key things you should consider…



It’s crucial that the caterer you choose has vast experience within the industry as they will know exactly what you want. With more knowledge provides a sense of security, as you know what to expect from a caterer that has a great track record supplying food for an event’s night.

Do your research, and find a caterer with the right experience for your type of event. That way, you can rest assured that everything will run smoothly and if there is an issue with the food, the problem will be dealt with accordingly without any stress or hassle.

Also, when a catering company has multiple certificates of their achievements, this only further enhances their reputation. This could mean the price to hire them will be more expensive but you will be paying for top service and a great night for your guests.

Furthermore, experience provides huge understanding and awareness to the type of food that suits your event.. Hosting an event is all about leaving a lasting impression on your guests, so the quality and variety of food matters. Don’t opt for a run-of-the-mill catering service, and instead choose a caterer which offers a unique selection of flavoursome foods to give your guests an event to remember. 

manager viewing quality of food


Organisation is key to sustaining a successful event as the aim is to deliver a smoothly-run service for the customers. A professional catering company will be like a well-oiled machine, which means that the food service will run quickly and efficiently. As standard, you should expect that their communication skills will be thorough so that nothing is missed, and proposals will be received in a timely manner with multiple members of staff on-hand to deal with any queries. Your initial communications with them should indicate their professionalism and organisation skills right from the start.

No matter the scale of your event, mistakes can happen. Are your caterers of choice equipped to deal with this promptly? If there is an issue throughout the service, a reputable catering company will ensure that there are members of staff in place to deal with the problem and get it sorted as soon as possible. 

For example, if during the event a guest doesn’t receive a starter or main course the ‘runner’ will report this to the manager and they will report directly to the chef that something is missing on that table. The chef will prepare a fresh dish and send it back to the table in a timely manner so the guest is more than satisfied with the quick service.

chefs prepping food in kitchen

Customer Service

At the top of a caterer’s priority list should be the customer’s needs and expectations. The aim is to wow your guests with the quality of food they’re providing but also how efficient their customer service is to you, the event organiser. Their job is to make sure your needs are looked after properly and if there are any issues or questions you may have, it’s dealt with quickly and efficiently. 

When choosing a catering company, it’s important to ensure that they meet your standards and expectations from the offset. Failure to do so may reflect on the service they provide to your guests on the night.


Ensuring that all team members are polite and well-mannered will go a long way with your guests, because their assumption of the event’s night is to be treated like royalty throughout the entire evening. Simple things like holding the door open for them, a positive attitude and plenty of enthusiasm can go a long way with your guests and really enhance their experience at your event. 

Additionally, attention to detail is key. A professional catering company will ensure that all of the basics are covered – such as allergy considerations and any special requests to ensure that everything flows smoothly on the night.

If something does go wrong then the flow of service will be disrupted, but if you’ve chosen the right catering company, you can be assured that this will be dealt with efficiently.

water serving food professionally


As well as organisation, preparation is also key for a successful food event. A good catering company will ensure that everything from the food cooking and preparation, to the number of staff present on the day is organised well in advance. 

Be sure to choose a catering company that has an adequate number of staff available for your event – from kitchen to front of house staff, all areas need to be considered. Being short of staff can disrupt the workflow and increase the chance of something going wrong.

An organised and prepared caterer will ensure that they have a clear schedule for preparing and cooking the food ahead of, or at the event. Make sure to get these details off them so you can be sure that everything is in hand.

Good caterers will offer a food tasting service to the organisers of the event, so that you can taste the food before hiring them for your event.. This is good preparation to look out for and if the caterers are offering this, take the opportunity with both hands.

chef slicing apples

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog on how to choose a caterer for an event! If you have any additional questions on what to look out for, then feel free to get in touch with us today.

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