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Event catering food options for breakfast, lunch & dinner

event catering

It’s important we eat regular daily meals, as it provides us with the energy to go about our working day. The same applies to an event, as your guests or colleagues should be kept replenished throughout the entire occasion to keep them satisfied and engaged.

At Robert & Victor, we offer an exciting event catering menu that’s full of delicious food, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Read below to find out more about our full package. 


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it provides you with the energy to get your day started. If you skip this meal, it can be a struggle for your body to get moving or it’s much slower for you to get things done. So, having a breakfast that is full of nutrition will help you on your way to a great start to your day.

If you’re looking to cater for an event and you’re not sure what food options would be suitable for your guests early in the morning, then there is no need to worry. At Robert & Victor, we have a huge range of breakfast options for you to choose from, all of which can be catered for any dietary requirement, such as vegan, gluten-free, halal plus much more. 

We would like all of your guests to have a unique breakfast experience, so throughout the entirety of the event, our serving staff will ensure everything runs smoothly without any hiccups. Our delicious food options range from a fruit salad, yoghurt & granola and blueberry muffins, to croissants, Pain au Chocolat and much more. We also offer a simple but refreshing drinks menu too, which includes: tea, coffee, orange & apple juice and green tea.

Each of our products is freshly made and their ingredients are locally sourced, which we take great pride in, as our customers deserve the best catering experience. Our breakfast event catering is tailored to meet your most demanding requirements, which is why we offer a bespoke quote that contains fair pricing.


Early morning events aren’t for everyone, so if our breakfast catering menu doesn’t fit your occasion, then we have a great choice of lunch options to cater your event with a midday pick-me-up. We have an extensive selection of food that is perfect for any type of lunch event you need, ranging from simple sandwiches and platters to exciting buffet and bento boxes. 


Our huge range of sandwich fillings have something for everyone, including chicken caesar, Cheshire ham & cheese, roast beef & cheddar, Spanish chorizo, BLT, tuna, egg mayo, pesto & mozzarella plus much more. Each ingredient used is freshly made and combined together to make a unique and perfect sandwich, we take pride in assembling our sandwiches differently to the generic way.

Our sandwiches are served on a delicious freshly baked french baguette, with gluten-free bread options available. If you would like a lighter option, our sandwich fillings can be changed to a mixed leaf salad for an extra £1.

If you would like to try something different for your lunch event, then we can’t recommend our bento boxes high enough. Too often people eat the same bland food for lunch and it’s about time they enjoy something exciting. This is where our bento boxes come in.

Sandwich for corporate catering

Bento Box

If you’re not sure what a bento box is, it’s a single-serving packed meal that is already assembled. Multiple sections in the box contain freshly made savouries and sweet treats, for example, one of our bento boxes includes: 

Italian sandwich with prosciutto & mozzarella on French baguette

Tuna pasta salad

2 x mini quiche

Chocolate brownie or fruit salad

This bento box is one of a number of options you can choose from, with each box more flavoursome than the last one.

As you can see, the bento box is designed to hold a 2-3 course meal but in small portions so it’s easy and convenient to eat, whilst leaving your guests more than satisfied. They’re becoming increasingly popular at the moment, and there is a huge fan base due to food communities across social media. Learn more about their recent trend in event catering here

bento box catering for Robert & Victor


We’ve reached the dinner section of a catered event, and we can confirm the exciting food options aren’t over yet. Whether your evening event is formal or informal, rest assured we can cater for your most demanding needs. Our range of dinner options includes vibrant and unique flavoured food, designed to impress your guests and encourage them to ask for second helpings. 


Our exciting range of dinner options begins with a subtle yet tasty starter – canapes. There are numerous benefits to having canapes at your event, and it’s not just to help line your stomach before drinking! A canape is full of flavour, yes, but deep down in its structure, they contain many healthy nutrients our body needs.

At Robert & Victor, our canapes range from Roasted peppers and hummus French Baguette, Chicken liver pate with cranberry sauce cracker, Salmon, cream cheese & cucumber cracker plus much more. If you like the sound of our canapes you can discover our other flavours here

Pate canapés

Bowl food

Now that the alcohol has settled after your appetiser, you must be ready for the main course, so, we present you with bowl food. Our bowl food range consists of Pearl couscous salad with Coronation chicken, Naked burrito bowl with beef & guacamole, Italian pasta salad, Chicken and chorizo paella, Tuna niçoise salad plus a whole host more. 

We recommend around 4 bowls per person, three savoury and one dessert. This is the ideal solution for your main meal as you can choose how much or little you would like to consume. If you would like to replace a dessert bowl with a regular dessert from the menu, then you can do that too. You’ll be blown away by the selection of treats we have on offer, all for very reasonable prices.

Italian bowl Robert & Victor

If our range of event catering foods appeals to you for breakfast, lunch or dinner, get in touch with us today and we will provide you with a bespoke quote. 

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