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Summer Catering Tips

Regardless of the miserable English weather, summer is indeed upon us and as fun and tasty as a summer BBQ might be, typically they aren’t too practical when it comes to organising a corporate lunch or dinner, so instead follow our tried and tested steps to creating the perfect summer spread!   Colourful dishes – […]

Christmas Catering

It’s that magical time of the year again! We love Christmas here at R&V and have put together some useful tips for planning your perfect festive soiree.   Timing – If you are planning your office party, opt to go for a Friday night after work rather than mid-week or risk staff not turning into […]

Why hiring professional service staff is an event must

When organising an event, the staff that you hire to help can have a huge impact on its overall success. Throughout this blog we will discuss why choosing a caterer with professional event staffing options or an experienced event staffing company is always a good idea.   Benefit from their training and knowledge – Similar […]

Healthy catering options for any event

Banquet dish of fried shrimps with herbs

With the world becoming increasingly health conscious; nutritious and sustainable foods are now an ever-growing trend within the catering industry and with the right caterer you can provide freshness, variety and wholesome foods for your meeting or event. This doesn’t mean that you must make huge changes to your catering menu to accommodate healthy choices, […]

Tips for zero-waste event planning

Mobile phone with green recycling sign and mesh bag

With the ever-growing concern for environment pollution and global warming, planning a zero-waste event is a great way to contribute towards sustainability and help raise awareness for efficient waste disposal. Typically, the term zero-waste refers to applying the 3 R’s where possible – reduce, reuse, recycle. Reduce what you are using, reuse what you can […]

Chef Q&A

Question and Answer Letters and an Exclamation and Question Marks

We did a quick Q&A with two of our amazing chefs, Jordan and Gabi, about food, work and hospitality life. They are both incredibly important parts of the R&V team and bring flair and finesse to every menu item.   What is your favourite item on the R&V menu? Jordan: The chicken and chorizo paella […]

Tips for the planning the perfect catering for your breakfast meeting or event

Breakfast meetings or events are becoming more and more popular for many companies due to the higher attention span of attendees and the lower cost of catering in comparison to lunch or after work events. Morning meetings are said to be the most productive as you are catching attendees at their sharpest point of the […]

The role of beverages in meetings & events

At events the focus isn’t just on the food (as well as the obvious reason for the event), drinks are equally as important for attendees to stay well-nourished. Whether it be that early morning caffeine boost or an alcoholic beverage, drinks are a vital part of any meeting or event yet seem to be the […]

The importance of choosing an ethical and sustainable caterer

When hiring a caterer for your meeting, event or working lunch there are several factors to consider. Availability and style/ quality of food are the obvious first elements, closely followed by good reputation, flexibility, and reasonable pricing. Another major element that is becoming more and more important is sustainability. A sustainable business is one that […]