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Why hiring professional service staff is an event must

When organising an event, the staff that you hire to help can have a huge impact on its overall success. Throughout this blog we will discuss why choosing a caterer with professional event staffing options or an experienced event staffing company is always a good idea.


Benefit from their training and knowledge – Similar to asking for assistance from experts in technology and handling PA/AV equipment to help manage with events with such requirements, you should follow the same rules when looking for staffing help for catering purposes. Service staff for catering/ event companies are trained in food health and safety and have a lot of experience within the industry to apply to your event. They will provide friendly and efficient service, knowing how to circulate the room properly to keep food and drink moving, whilst clearing away empties/ rubbish. Caterers who can offer help with service staff are always ideal as their staff will already know the food inside out so can answer questions on cooking methods, allergies, and ingredients.

When hiring staff to help serve drinks, again experience is a must (especially if you are serving cocktails) to help speed up the bar service, add to the professionalism of the event, and the overall experience for your guests.


Safe yourself time and stress – allowing a caterer or event company to arrange staffing for your event will save you a lot of time and give you more space to relax in the weeks prior. it also means you can enjoy the event that you have spent time and effort planning, knowing that the right staff are there to take care of everything. For larger events, it is sometimes worth hiring an event delivery manager to fully manage staff on the day and help with the smooth running of the event, keeping to set time schedules and also problem-solving when required.

Not having to source staffing yourself will also massively reduce the risk of no-shows!


Uniform – whether your event is relaxed or more formal, hiring catering staff from one company ensures that all staff will be dressed similar with the same apron to add to the neutrality and professionalism of your event. This also makes it easy for event attendees to know staff from other guests.


Professionalism – hiring the right event staff will help with the smooth running of your day and boost the overall image of your event by adding competence, expertise, and attention to detail in the required areas. Having experienced staff greet your attendees with a warm smile and effortlessly manage any catering requirements will add to the overall experience for your guests. Always check the reviews of your chosen event/ catering company to give you peace of mind!


Organising an event can be a daunting task, but hiring the right staff can be a great help and reduce your workload so you can focus on other elements. At R&V we have an amazing team of staff to help with event management, canapé/ food service, bar service and more. Get in touch now for more information!

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