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Winner of Manchester’s Best Corporate Catering Business

Northern Enterprise Awards We are delighted to share the news that R&V has been named as the best corporate catering business in Manchester by Northern Enterprise Awards! “The Northern Enterprise Awards celebrates the industriousness and the dedication of the businesses and enterprises hailing from the north of England. With a dominant offering in the service […]

What does corporate mean in the catering industry?

Corporate event catering Manchester

Over recent years, corporate catering has become essential for businesses as it gives them an opportunity to enhance any meetings and conferences they host. . What makes a catered event different  from a regular meeting is all employees are replenished throughout the occasion, which makes it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Today, we will […]

Tips for event catering at Christmas

Robert & Victor Christmas event catering

It’s November which only means one thing, Christmas is around the corner! We love getting in the festive spirit at Robert & Victor, and we make our catered events extra special during this time of year. If you’ve landed on this page, it means you’re unsure how to cater for an event at Christmas. Well, […]

Event catering food options for breakfast, lunch & dinner

event catering

It’s important we eat regular daily meals, as it provides us with the energy to go about our working day. The same applies to an event, as your guests or colleagues should be kept replenished throughout the entire occasion to keep them satisfied and engaged.

How do caterers charge for an event?


At Robert & Victor, we always ensure that we charge correctly and accurately or any event. It’s one of the reasons why we’re successful, and today we will discuss our secrets to success. 

Why is catering important at an event?

Simon from Robert & Victor servicing customer

Hosting an event is something that takes a great deal of planning and preparation to get it right. No matter what type of event you’re hosting or how many people are attending, food is always one of the most important parts. Hiring a professional catering company is an essential tool when looking to host a […]

Introducing our canape catering menu

Robert & Victor canapes at an event

If you’re looking to host an event and would like to offer the best food possible, we highly encourage you to consider choosing canapes. This tasty delicacy is very popular to have at an event due to its wide variety of flavours.  At Robert & Victor, we are proud to showcase our canapes catering menu. […]

Why are bento boxes so popular in event catering?

Robert & Victor Bento box

Every year there are new food trends that become popular due to having huge influences across social media platforms. Channels such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, have enlightened food communities and brought in a huge fan base that encourages people to try new food and visit new restaurants. A popular food trend that is becoming […]

How To Choose a Caterer For an Event

event catering

If you’re looking to host an event and make it the best it can possibly be, you need to have a hard think about who you want your caterer to be. If the caterer isn’t up to a high standard then the whole night could be disastrous. So, by picking the right caterer you can […]